Uni-Italia Centers abroad provide useful information to international students interested in pursuing their studies in Italy, these include:
Operation of the Italian academic system, educational offerings of individual universities and academies, pre-registration procedures and deadlines for courses.
Availability and application process for scholarships offered by individual universities, the Italian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and regional ‘Right to Study’(DSU) programmes.
Life in Italy and initial bureaucratic procedures to be dealt with upon arrival (residence permit and renewal, health insurance, tax code, etc.), facilitating contact with the staff at the welcome office.
Uni-Italia staff abroad provide the described information to students who visit the center directly or get in touch via email or phone, and also organize student specific seminars.
In Italy, the Association offers assistance to foreign students in various stages of their academic life and provides support in handling administrative and university procedures with different Student Offices and Public Administrations.