Activities of Uni-Italia abroad

Uni-Italia Centers abroad provide useful information to international students interested in pursuing their studies in Italy, these include:
Operation of the Italian academic system, educational offerings of individual universities and academies, pre-registration procedures and deadlines for courses.
Availability and application process for scholarships offered by individual universities, the Italian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and regional ‘Right to Study’(DSU) programmes.
Life in Italy and initial bureaucratic procedures to be dealt with upon arrival (residence permit and renewal, health insurance, tax code, etc.), facilitating contact with the staff at the welcome office.
Uni-Italia staff abroad provide the described information to students who visit the center directly or get in touch via email or phone, and also organize student specific seminars.
In Italy, the Association offers assistance to foreign students in various stages of their academic life and provides support in handling administrative and university procedures with different Student Offices and Public Administrations.

Uni-Italia boasts a widespread presence in third countries through centers located at Italian diplomatic-consular Missions and Italian Cultural Institutes around the world, a Regional Hub as well as a EU Liaison office located in Brussels.


Through its Centers abroad, Uni-Italia promotes the Italian educational system directly in the territories where it operates by organizing and/or participating in promotional events organized by third parties, with the aim of attracting international students to Italy and facilitating Italian academic Institutions in international cooperation activities.
Additionally, through its Centers abroad, Uni-Italia provides support and guidance to all international students interested in pursuing higher education in Italy.
Finally, by collaborating with Italian Cultural Institutes, Embassies and Consulates, Uni-Italia Centers actively promote the Italian language, culture, and various excellences of Italy as a country system.

Uni-Italia is currently present in the following countries: 

  • China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou); 
  • India (Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru); 
  • Indonesia (Jakarta),
  • Iran (Tehran); 
  • Morocco (Rabat, Casablanca); 
  • Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City). 
    This latter also works as regional hub with competence on Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines, and with promotional activities conducted in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea

Promotional activities
Among the promotional activities organized by Uni-Italia Centers abroad:

1) the Italian Days on Higher Education (IDOHE):
Promotion days for the Italian education system, resulting from collaboration with Embassies, Consulates, and Italian Cultural Institutes worldwide, aimed at facilitating interactions between representatives of Italian universities, academies, conservatories, and international students in their home countries.
These days aim to promote Italy as a country system. They allow individual students to meet with representatives of participating educational institutions, obtain information on available courses, requirements, enrollment procedures and timelines, as well as engage in activities to learn about Italian language and culture.
Furthermore, these events are organized to enhance and support the development of relationships between Italian academic institutions and academic institutions in the countries where the events take place, thus creating a unique opportunity for exchange to reach mobility agreements.

2) Custom promotional tours:
Ad hoc promotion days for individual Universities/AFAM Institutes in local academic institutions  selected by Uni-Italia, aimed at bringing Italian academic know-how into students' classrooms through specific masterclasses, workshops, seminars conducted by professors and/or professionals representing Italian academic excellence.

3) Online activities: webinars, open days, Instagram Lives.
In addition to in-person promotional activities, Uni-Italia promotes the Italian education system through a series of online activities, with a triple purpose:

  • provide international student audiences with all kinds of information on new available study courses, call for applications, etc.;
  • create a direct online link between aspiring students and international students currently in Italy;
  • allow Italian universities/AFAM to promote themselves directly using Uni-Italia's official communication channels and/or initiate a dialogue with local academic institutions if unable to travel abroad.

Orientation and assistance activities for international students
In addition to the promotional activities listed above, Uni-Italia Centers abroad offer "Study Guidance" services designed to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their academic journeys. 

This orientation service includes:

  • information on the functioning of the Italian academic system, educational offerings of individual universities and academies, pre-enrollment course availability and application procedures;
  • information on the availability and application procedures for scholarships offered by individual universities and Afam Institutions, the Italian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and local entities for the right to study;
  • information on life in Italy and useful updates on bureaucratic procedures to be faced upon arrival (residence permit and renewal, health insurance, tax code, etc.). Students interested in receiving orientation from Uni-Italia staff abroad can either go directly to the center or contact them by email or phone.

All students who wish to get in touch with Uni-Italia offices abroad may visit the following link


In addition to the Uni-Italia Centers around the world, which primarily focus on promotional and orienteering activities for international students, Uni-Italia is also Uni-Italia also maintains a presence in Brussels with an office dedicated to strengthening liaison with the Institutions of the European Union.

The main tasks of Uni-Italia-EU Liaison Office are the following:

  • involvement in the EU decision policy making process, by means the predisposition of position papers and the activities of advocacy and multilevel lobbying;
  • branding and marketing activities at European level;
  • funds raising activity to identify the financial resources coming from the EU programmes (direct/indirect management) and by means the use of the tenders, grants and financial instruments;
  • monitoring the EU policy developments within the sectors of education, research and innovation.
  • providing information on European higher education policy to the stakeholders interested
  • participating in the meeting with the European Commission to provide technical contribution on specific initiatives during the EU programmes’ implementation period;
  • participating in the informal networks at European level;
  • participating in the technical WGs at national and European level;
  • scouting of projects’ partners;
  • organising events in Brussels on topics related to the education, research and innovation;
  • welcoming delegations from Italian higher education institutions and from Uni-Italia;
  • organising training courses in Brussels devoted to the technical staff of the HEIs and Uni-Italia to deepen some specific domain of interest.