Universities and international networks

Established since the 11th century, Italian universities are among the oldest educational institutions in the Western world and are at the forefront of higher education.
The literary and linguistic tradition of Italy reveals a strong link with the universities, vesting them with a fundamental role in promoting our culture also through exchanges with other international universities and academic institutions.
The quality of teaching and the consolidated international relations between Italian and foreign institutions thus enhance the opportunities for students, outlining a multi-disciplinary educational path and favouring job placement.


Italy is a unique place to live a complete and immersive study experience, thanks to the infinite riches to be discovered up close.
Home to the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is an inexhaustible reservoir of artistic, literary, and cultural masterpieces studied and admired all over the world, as well as home to exceptional naturalistic destinations. You can enjoy a high and unique quality of life and a welcoming atmosphere.

Furthermore, its strategic location, in the heart of the Mediterranean and Europe, makes it the ideal place to embark on new journeys: Italy is the perfect starting point to reach numerous destinations with ease.

Right to study

Studying is a wonderful adventure, protected and guaranteed by the Italian State.
The Right to University Study (DSU) provides incentives for studies up to the highest level even for those living in a disadvantaged economic condition. The Uni-Italia Centres provide useful information on the availability and application procedures for scholarships offered by the universities, by the Italian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and by the local Right to Study Authorities.