Francesco Profumo

Secretary General
Annalisa Di Calisto

Board Members:
Alessandro De Pedys (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation)
Gianluigi Consoli (Ministry of University and Research)
Sabina Madaro (Ministry of Interior) 
Matteo Zoppas (ITA Agency)
Maurizio Tira (Conference of Italian University Rectors)
Barbara Cimmino (Confindustria)

Board of Trustees:
Maurizio Melani – President
Stefania Bariatti
Giovanni Rovetta


  • Office of Promotion and Marketing
  • Office of Projects and International Partnerships
  • Office of Information on Studying in Italy
  • Communication Office
  • Office of Administration, Control, and Procurement
  • Brussels Liaison Office
  • General Secretariat
  • Liaison Office to the Ministry of University and Research