Uni-Italia actively engages in and hosts a wide range of events aimed at promoting the Italian Higher Education System and fostering the internationalization of higher education. Through our participation in prominent international education fairs, universities, academies, conservatories, and Italian language schools have the opportunity to connect with students and engage with representatives from educational systems worldwide, all within the welcoming environment of an Italian space or pavilion.

Uni-Italia also organizes the Italian Days on Higher Education as a collaborative effort with Embassies, Consulates, and Italian Cultural Institutes worldwide. These events aim to facilitate interactions between representatives from Italian universities, academies, and conservatories, and foreign students in their home countries.

The Italian Days on Higher Education can be associated with larger events, often preceding them by a few days, such as International Education Fairs. Alternatively, they can be organized in countries where such fairs are less common, providing a valuable response to the absence of a structured fair and a great opportunity for local students, universities, and Italian academies

These appointments showcase Italy as a comprehensive educational destination. They provide students with the opportunity to meet representatives from various educational institutions, inquire about available courses, enrollment procedures, and deadlines. Additionally, they offer engaging edutainment activities aimed at immersing students in the Italian language and culture.

Furthermore, additional activities are organized alongside these events to enhance and support the internationalization process and promote the development of relationships between Italian and foreign universities and academies.