One of the three pillars of the Association is the promotion of Study in Italy. Uni-Italia participates in and organizes various types of events to promote the Italian Higher Education System and contribute to the internationalization of higher education. Participation in the most important international education fairs facilitates the dual objective of promoting the mobility of students and researchers from around the world to Italy and strengthening the international academic cooperation of our country, allowing universities, academies, conservatories, and Italian language schools to interact with representatives of educational systems from various countries within an Italian space or Pavilion.

Promotional events are therefore distinguished into two main areas:

- International students recruiting fairs (B2C)
- Networking events among international academic institutions (B2B)


Among the most successful recruiting events, Uni-Italia organizes the Italian Days on Higher Education, promotional days born from collaboration with Embassies, Consulates, and Italian Cultural Institutes worldwide, to facilitate meetings between representatives of Italian universities, academies, and conservatories, and foreign students directly in their home countries. These events take place in countries where Uni-Italia has one or more Centers. The Italian Days on Higher Education can be associated with other events on higher education and student mobility organized by third parties, often preceding them by a few days, such as International Education Fairs, or they can be organized in those countries where such fairs are rarer, representing a valid response to the absence of a structured fair and a great opportunity for local students, universities, and Italian academies.

These days aim to promote Italy as a Country System. They allow individual students to meet representatives of participating educational institutions, obtain information about active courses, requirements, registration methods, and timelines, but also to be involved in edutainment activities aimed at learning the Italian language and culture, even interacting with representatives of the Italian System locally as a whole.

In addition to these events, supplementary activities are also organized to enhance and support the development of relationships between Italian universities and academies and academic institutions in the countries where the events take place, thus creating a unique opportunity for exchange to achieve mobility agreements.


Various activities are carried out consistently throughout the calendar year. Among the many proposals put forward, there are opportunities to organize seminars to promote the Italian higher education system tout court, either through Uni-Italia's organization or participation in webinars dedicated to the "Study in Italy" (as occurred for the Philippines, Argentina, Singapore, and Turkey in 2023) or though participation in panel discussions hosted by universities, institutes, or colleges, aimed at selected students.
Upon direct request from Italian institutions interested in concrete promotion, specific sessions are set up, such as seminars between Italian and foreign universities, webinars with students, live interviews through Uni-Italia's platforms and social media with professors and admission officers, during which students can interact through Q&As, etc.


Masterclass sessions at local universities and High schools planned and coordinated by Uni-Italia, in cities where Uni-Italia has a center.

These events may take place alongside other recruitment fairs or institutional visits by university staff and AFAM institutes, as well as being planned in coordination with institutions according to the internal calendar of each university/institute.

These are ad hoc tours lasting up to 8/10 days, during which institutions have the opportunity to intensively engage with genuine students from specific disciplines or faculties belonging to prestigious colleges or institutions selected by Uni-Italia. Through these activities, universities and AFAM institutes have the opportunity to present their educational offerings comprehensively, conduct intensive workshops with student classes, inform them about the selection process of the Italian institution, possible job prospects, success stories, potential application procedures, and more.

In countries considered of strategic interest, Uni-Italia offers sponsorship and total support, mediated and logistical, to important student recruitment fairs, in order to enhance informational offerings possibly by attracting additional institutions or greater visibility.

Upon request from the Italian Cultural Institutes, Uni-Italia assists and cooperates in promoting events and their development. Among the various forms of sponsorship, confirmed collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bogotà, the organizer of the successful Aula Italia fair, now in its 4th edition in 2024. New and fruitful collaborations are always expected with other providers and international agents.

Fairs promoted by foreign governmental bodies, such as the China Education Expo (CEE) and the China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET), are important exhibition moments where various international entities, with the endorsement of the host countries' governments, promote and support the internationalization of higher education.

Events like Study in Europe and European Higher Education Fairs (EHEF) are organized worldwide by the European Commission and EU delegations present on-site. The aim of both projects is to showcase to students worldwide what European higher education institutions have to offer. The European Commission and EU delegations on the ground provide information on the organization and funding of study and research periods abroad in the 33 European countries, members of the Erasmus+ program, and act as intermediaries with European higher education organizations to connect with potential students and partner organizations. Uni-Italia, as a stakeholder of the Study in Europe Consortium, actively participates in exhibition activities promoting the country.

Private providers manage international fairs for student recruitment and tailor-made promotional campaigns worldwide. With hundreds of events organized every year, private providers connect higher education institutions from around the world with potential students from countries worldwide.
Uni-Italia regularly collaborates with some of the most famous private providers in countries considered of strategic interest. Some synergies between Uni-Italia and these providers allow advantageous discounts for Italian institutions participating with the Association.

  • A2 Fairs
  • ABC Fairs
  • Baltic Council Fairs
  • BMI
  • Begin Group
  • ED Expo
  • FPP
  • Groupe l’Etudiant Marocain
  • IEFT Turkey
  • OH!
  • QS
  • Recruit in Canada
  • SRT Fairs
  • Studies and Careers
  • VEF - Global student recruitment fairs
  • Worldview
  • World Education Expo


The second major strand of activities organized and/or supported by Uni-Italia aims to facilitate the creation and enhancement of relationships between Italian and international institutions in the field of higher education.

Participation in such events is supported, where possible, by the organization of the "Study in Italy - Uni-Italia" pavilion allowing Italian Higher Education Institutions to benefit from a dedicated stage to present themselves to foreign stakeholders as part of the Italian System.
During these events, participating institutions have the opportunity to showcase their programs, services, and opportunities for academic collaboration, as well as to establish contacts with potential international partners. Participants also have the chance to attend seminars, workshops, and presentations aimed at sharing ideas and best practices.

Uni-Italia staff organizes and attends the pavilion, assisting participating Italian institutions and providing general information to international visitors.
Additionally, on these occasions, Uni-Italia organizes social events in collaboration with Italian Diplomatic Missions on-site, to which all Italian institutions participating in the pavilion and their foreign partners are invited to attend.

Among the most important networking events worldwide, the following stand out:

  • NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo is the largest non-profit association in the world dedicated to education and international exchange, with over 10,000 members and international educators worldwide from more than 4,300 institutions, representing over 170 countries. It takes place annually in the United States, serving as a significant platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and professional development. Since 2022, Uni-Italia has become a Global Partner of NAFSA.
  • EAIE - European Association for International Education, like NAFSA, is an annual conference and exhibition attracting participants from educational institutions worldwide, including representatives of higher academic institutions, government organizations, academic associations, student mobility agencies, and other key players in the education, service, and international mobility promotion sectors. As of 2020, EAIE had over 3,000 members from over 80 countries, with its main objective being to help its members succeed professionally and contribute to the development of international higher education from the European perspective. EAIE takes place in Europe, with the hosting city changing every year.
  • APAIE - Asia-Pacific Association for International Education promotes academic collaboration and knowledge exchange among higher education institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. While nominally geographically limited, it is increasingly assuming a global scope, involving actors from heterogeneous geographical realities. The fair is held annually in one of the Asia-Pacific countries.

Among regional networking events, Uni-Italia participates in:

  • FAUBAI - Brazilian Association for International Education, an annual conference and fair held in Brazil. It is the largest event in Latin America dedicated to the internationalization of higher education.
  • FIESA - Feria Internacional de Educación Superior Argentina. This biennial event in Argentina is a fair and conference aimed primarily at establishing and strengthening collaboration with Argentine academic institutions.