Uni-Italia strives to foster the attraction of international students and researchers to Italian academic institutions by promoting their educational opportunities worldwide and to facilitate university collaborations between Italy and other nations. The association was established on 30 July 2010 between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of University and Research, and the Ministry of the Interior
and as of 15 March 2022 ICE-Agency and CRUI - Conference of Italian University Rectors have joined Uni-Italia driving new energy into the organization. Their participation brings invaluable expertise and essential knowledge to the promotion of higher education in Italy.

Uni-Italia currently maintains a presence in key countries such as China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Morocco, and Vietnam. Our dedicated Uni-Italia Centers, located within Italian consular offices abroad, act as hubs of information for students aspiring to pursue their studies in Italy. These centers offer comprehensive assistance throughout the pre-enrollment process and actively support international cooperation activities among academic institutions. In collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institutes and Embassies, they also play a vital role in promoting Italian culture, language, and various areas of excellence within Italy.

Within Italy, our association extends extensive support to foreign students throughout their entire stay, facilitating their integration into the social, academic, and cultural fabric of the country. We organize networking events and foster academic cooperation to ensure a fulfilling educational experience. Additionally, we offer valuable assistance to Italian institutions in their internationalization endeavors.